Our Philosophy

At Phoenix Homes, we believe that people deserve second chances.

Home owners who are facing financial hardship sometimes need help. Maybe you are having trouble paying the mortgage. Maybe you lost your job. Maybe you invested in a bad property.

Phoenix Homes can buy your home "as is" (no repairs and no hassle!) and free you from a bad mortgage. We are here to help.

Phoenix Homes also helps Bakersfield renters become first-time homeowners. Since we formed in 2016, we have successfully helped individuals who never thought they could own a home. With us, they have become home owners.

Call us with your problems. See if we can help you.

Why are we named after a city in Arizona?

We get this question all the time! We are not actually named after the city in Arizona, but, like the city in Arizona, we are named after the mythical bird, the Phoenix.

The Phoenix is reborn from its ashes. It is put through fire (hard times), and it rises again (second chances).

That is the idea behind our name and our company. We exist to help those who are facing hard times. We ensure that homeowners who may lose their home and homebuyers who don't qualify for a home get the second chances that they deserve.

We take the time to hear about your story, and we create a solution that will work for you.  Give us a call. We can only make things better!

Meet the Team

We have an amazing team!  Everyone is born and raised in Bakersfield, except for Jared, but we forgive him for not being from the best city in California.

Acquisitions, Offers & Accounting

Jared Clemence

Operations Manager
DRE #02087736

Headshot, Female Short Brown Hair

Rachel Harless

Realtor, Keller Williams
DRE #02041046

Headshot, Female Brunette

Tarah Poochigian

DRE #02038932

Male, Photo, Dark hair, short, age approx late-30s

Joshua Harless

Construction Management

Next Steps...

If you want to list your home, call us and ask for Tarah or Rachel.

If you want us to buy your home (this is the fastest option), call us and ask for Jared.

No matter who you ask for, we want to hear your story.  Call us today!