We buy houses fast in Bakersfield, CA

If you are searching for how to sell your house quickly in Bakersfield or for cash home buyers, then you have found the right place. Phoenix Homes buys Bakersfield homes quickly. We have licensed real estate agents working around the clock to make sure you get the quickest service. Our team also is quick to consider your needs, because most home sellers who want to sell fast have deeper concerns that are not solved by a quick home sale.

If you are looking for a quick home sale, please take a moment to ask yourself why. When you discover the reasons why, you may be surprised to learn that Phoenix Homes can help solve those underlying issues in addition to giving you a fast closing date.

Example #1 – Fast Home Sale would have been the wrong choice for Margarette

For example, when Margarette needed to close fast, we discovered that she was facing foreclosure. Foreclosures generally mean that the home seller has missed several payments, and they have taken a huge hit on their credit scores. For Margarette, selling to a cash investor is actually a bad idea, because if Margarette sold her home to us in a fast cash transaction, she would have had long-term damage to her credit scores.

We helped Margarette by using a clever trick. We agreed to pay her mortgage for six months so that her credit score rebounded. Then when we closed on the sale after six months, Margarette’s mortgage was back in a healthy status again, and Margarette’s credit score was happy.

For Margarette, the answer to her problems was a long escrow with fast cash at the end.

Example #2 – Fast Home Sale didn’t solve this seller’s true concern

When Larry and Judy asked for a fast home sale, we discovered that they really were just tired of the vandalism on their vacant house. They inherited a home from their mother, and the home was attracting burglars. They didn’t want the stress, but they did want a full market value. Because they wanted a full-price offer that only a market buyer could bring, we arranged a deal with them that solved all their problems.

To reduce their stress, we took responsibility for all home security and all repairs during the listing period. Larry and Judy then agreed to list their home for sale on the public MLS. As a result, they were able to sell their home for $240,000 to a first-time homebuyer rather than selling to a cash home buyer for $180,000. That’s a huge profit. Phoenix Homes made sure that Larry and Judy were taken care of, because we believe that by helping people, we will be well remembered. Fast cash offers are not always the best option, and when another option is necessary, we have the ability to be flexible. It is not all about making more money; it’s about helping people.