You opened your mail box, and you saw our post card. At first, the post card was just a random piece of junk mail, but then you saw another. Now you wonder: How did I end up on the mailing list?

On this page, we will look at how Phoenix Homes generates its mailing list and what you can do to remove your name. Phoenix Homes respects your privacy. We do not wish to send mail to people who would rather not receive it. Keep reading, and I will share with you a secret that will take you off all mailing lists—not just our mailing list.

How mailing lists are generated…

Phoenix homes purchases the mailing list from vendors. Some come from Chicago Title’s Premier Agent Services. Some lists come from PropertyRadar, and others come from a company called Regardless of where the source is, they all have one thing in common. They are another company’s best guess at people who might need our services.

What does Phoenix Homes do to prevent mailing those who don’t want solicitations?

In the United States, people can register for a Do Not Mail list. Whenever we buy a list of names, we ask the list provider to remove persons registered on the Do Not Mail registry. However, the nature of our business requires us to send mail to people who are not registered.

Even though most of the people on each list will not have a use for our services, there is always at least one person who does. That person has been desperately praying for help, and when they see our card, it is the answer to their prayers, because it is a way to escape the insurmountable problems that confront them.

The only way we can reach that person is to send everyone a letter or a postcard.

What does it mean if I have received a letter from Phoenix Homes?

Nothing! It is not a statement about you, or a prediction about your future.

We send out all kinds of mail targeting all kinds of people on every kind of mailing list. We send mail people likely to move, people who have been late on a mortgage payment (even when it was the bank’s fault), people who have recently lost a loved one, and more.

Out of a list of 100 people who find themselves on a foreclosure list, only 1 will end up in foreclosure. In order to find that one person, we must mail everyone in the group. Because we cannot predict the future and because we don’t know who actually struggles, we mail everyone. We send the mail without judgment, because 99 people out of 100 don’t belong on the list, and we know it!

How do I register for the Do Not Mail list?

The FCC (an agency of the US Government) manages the Do Not Mail registry. You can find instructions on how to remove yourself from all marketing lists on their website. Click here for instructions on how to remove your name from mailing lists.

The cool thing is that for less than $2 on the FCC website, you can remove yourself from all US-based mailing lists for 10 years. That’s pretty awesome! As a US Government Agency, the FCC dedicates itself to protecting your rights.

What can I expect after I register with the FCC?

Once you register with the FCC, mail list companies will remove you from all bulk mail lists and from all marketing lists sold to businesses like mine. The Do Not Mail registry does not stop all mail. The government still permits companies to send you some letters. The company must write those letters specifically to you. It cannot send the letters as part of a bulk mail campaign.

Phoenix Homes wishes to form a good relationship with its neighbors. We pride ourselves at being a part of the Bakersfield community. We want to stay here for a long time. Once you are on the Do Not Mail list, you will no longer receive new mail from us.

What is new mail?

Phoenix Homes promises not to send you any new mail after you are on the Do Not Call list. We buy our direct mail packages in bulk. This includes four or five mailings that are scheduled to go out every four to seven days. Once we place an order, we cannot cancel it. This means that you will continue to receive mailings from an already started campaign. However, you will never receive mail from a new campaign that starts after the date you have registered.

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