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If you need mortgage foreclosure help, then you have come to the right place. Our agents are skilled with mortgage foreclosure help, and we are able to listen to your needs. When you call for mortgage foreclosure help soon enough, we are able to get you on the correct path to saving the home, and in the worst case scenario, if you call us for mortgage foreclosure help too late, then we can buy your home from you and stop the foreclosure from appearing on your credit.

First, Let’s Prioritize Your Goals

Mortgage foreclosure help is generally a process that is regular and repeatable, so no matter what your situation, there are certain things that we must do first. It is kind of like when you call for tech support, and the person on the phone asks if you have turned the item off and then on again. For computer’s that is always the first step, because it fixes 98% of all problems. We have a similar first step in mortgage foreclosure help.

Step 1: Examine methods to make the mortgage current

For mortgage foreclosure help, the first step is to answer the question, “Is there any way to make the payments current again?”

This is the BEST CASE scenario, but it often seems the hardest. If you are already several months behind on the mortgage payments, it may entail finding 3 to 5 months worth of mortgage payments, and the first thing we usually here is: If I could find $10,000, don’t you think I would have paid the bill already?

The reason that this is so important to consider, is because if we can help you find money that you did not think about, whether it is borrowed from a retirement account, a relative, or a friend, then we can stop the bank from taking your home AND save your credit at the same time.

You must avoid moving on to the next step in the process until you are certain that there is no possible way to make the mortgage current.

Step 2: Loan modification

Step #2 is usually short, but like step 1, it is something that you MUST check before you move to step #3. Before you move to drastic measures, we start asking other banks if they are willing to loan you the money to pay the mortgage in full—esentially, we try to refinance your home. This is sometimes possible when you start the process super early, before your credit reflects months of missed payments. After you start showing missed payments in your history, it becomes much more difficult to find a bank that will lend money on what looks like an unsafe borrower.

Still, like Step #1, Step #2 is essential. Our goal and your goal in this process should be 1st to keep the house, 2nd to save your credit and lastly to ensure that your new situation is sustainable so that you can buy a house again in the future, if you need or want to.

Step 3: Save your Credit, at all costs

Before we talk about step 3 in mortgage foreclosure help, I want to be certain that we are ready for step 3.

You may have listed friends and family and said to yourself, they will not lend me the money, but did you actually ask?  Make sure you do. It is a very uncomfortable conversation, but you can avoid a lot of regrets and worry if you actually ask and hear no.  We are always happy to see the look of surprise and glee on a client’s face when someone unexpectedly says “Yes, here is the money.”

If you did ask all your friends and family, then how many banks did you talk to in Step #2? Did you ask one bank, here “no” and then stop? Or, did you keep asking banks until you ran out of banks to talk to?

If you have done Steps #1 and Steps #2 to your best ability, then you are ready for Step #3.

If you cannot make the mortgage current, then you have to find the best way to save your credit so that you can buy a house again in the future.

What you do in Step 3 depends on a lot of factors like how much your house is currently worth on the open market, how much the balance on your mortgage is, and how much time you have before the foreclosure sale.  Again, the earlier you contact us, the more money we can put in your pocket if you get to this step.  If you have finished Step 1, and you know that you are ready for Step #2, then call us, and call us as soon as you can so that we can provide the best help possible.

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