Never Make a Repair Again and Convert Your Headache Properties into Fast Cash: A Quick How-To Guide for Bakersfield Property Owners

A Quick How-To Guide for Bakersfield Property Owners

Never Make a Repair Again and Convert Your Headache Properties into Fast Cash

Are you tired of your tenants paying their rent late or skipping rent payments altogether?

If you are tired of the phone calls complaining that “this thing” or “that thing” doesn’t work, “we need a new (whatever)”, and other demands by tenants that just keep coming, then there is an easy way to get rid of these headaches and make some money.

The First Step: The #1 Best Method To Quickly Convert A Property Into Cash

Tip: Investors can be found by calling those ugly signs on the side of the road.

The #1, best way, to convert your headache property into cash quickly is to get an offer from an investor.  In fact, get more than one offer.  Call seven investors!  Investors are eager to make offers. It is free and no risk to you, and it gives you fast options. By getting many offers in your hand, you can compare offers and feel great about your decisions down the road.

Have you ever noticed the signs around town that say “We Buy Houses $CaSh$”?

Have you ever received flyers in the mail asking to buy your home?

These signs and letters are from investors that are ready to buy properties like yours. They are ready and waiting to take the pain of being a landlord away.

Step one is calling an investor.  Find out how they can help you.  A good investor wants to make money, but at the end of the day, he or she wants to provide you with the best customer service possible. Investors design a plan for you and your property that is a win-win for both parties.  Pick up the phone and call today.  Find the investor that is right for you.

Where is the Catch? / What is The Danger Of Accepting “Quick” Cash?

Tip: Reduce your risk by being informed. Ask questions!

Getting offers is risk-free. You are in complete control as the owner of the property. You have all the power to say “yes” or “no”. So, you can remove risk entirely, by making sure that you:

  1. Have multiple options to consider—call more than one investor for an offer.
  2. Be knowledgeable about real estate transactions—read blogs like this one to stay on top!
  3. Always trust your instincts and meet the investor in person.  When you meet an investor in person you will form an opinion about that person. Do you trust them? Are they honest? Your instincts are usually correct.

A trustworthy investor will be willing to give you the full truth—even when it is ugly. They will be willing to highlight more than just good points—it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows—and they will help you understand anything that is not clear. Be willing to ask questions, and be cautious of investors who don’t want to answer them.

Remember, your primary goal is to separate yourself from a problem property before expenses build up. The investor will offer you a little less than the market value of the house, but…

  1. You will SAVE the 6% to 8% commission that you would pay to a real estate agent.
  2. You will SAVE the 6 months of waiting for “the right buyer” on an open market.
  3. You will SAVE the corresponding mortgage payments.

[When you are well informed], there is no catch…Be Well Informed!

As long as you know what you are gaining from the process, and you like the deal, then there is no catch.  It should never be all about the investor.  It should be all about YOU, and once you have picked the right investor to work with, the process will be fast and easy.

Can I get a reasonable return on my investment?

Absolutely! Even with an offer that may be a little lower, you can actually end up ahead! There is a reason for this.

You won’t have to wait 30 to 60 days to close escrow.  This way, you don’t have to cover those mortgage payments while you wait for another buyer to stretch out the process with inspections and repair requests. What if your tenant stopped paying rent? Investors can often close in just days. Nor will you have to evict the tenants. Investors are not scared of eviction, they can take the headaches and expenses away.

Maybe you have property that is in a nicer neighborhood and you worry: What if my property is not updated—or even worse, trashed by tenants!?

Avoid the worries!  Investors love to refurbish properties, and they would rather make the repairs with their own team, which means they will buy the property from you “As-Is” and without those pesky repair requests.

You will make money from your home, and get the freedom to take your cash and run while avoiding any further headache.  Go on a nice vacation, remodel your kitchen, pay off debt, or buy that new car!  The options are endless and you will be stress-free and cash-positive quickly when selling your property to an investor.

Where to get Your First Offer

Do you need an offer quickly?  Great news! We’d love to be your first, second, or third offer. You can always call us, and you can trust Phoenix Homes to be honest and reliable. We close quickly. We buy in any condition, and we are local!

Call Phoenix Homes of Bakersfield now and see how we can help you!

We love talking to our neighbors!


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