Escape foreclosure

Most people call us because they have received a letter in the mail stating that the foreclosure process has begun. We have become experts on this process. We re very discrete, and we have answers to all your questions.  Call us to find out what your options are.

Get Rid of Unwanted Property

Sometimes a property is more headaches that you want. If the property is in a bad neighborhood, if the property was inherited unexpectedly, if there are lots of repairs that would need to be made before you could sell it with an agent, or if you just need to close fast... whatever your reason, Phoenix Homes is here to help. We close fast, and we can guarantee the sale of your property.

Renovation Estimates

Want to renovate your home?

We have a renovation team that is top notch. We can give you a free estimate on the work to be performed and connect you with our people.


Foreclosure Consultations

Have you gotten the Notice of Default?

This can be a scary document, and usually, when this letter arrives, it arrives when we are at our lowest.

It's important to know: You are not alone, and this letter does not mean that you are a "bad person."  Call us, and we can help you look at your options.

Sell your home fast

No Real Estate agent can make you this same guarantee.

We can guarantee that you will have an offer on your property in 48 hours or less.

Unlike Real Estate agents, we do not pray for buyers to put in offers, because we are your buyer!

Get your offer now! Call us, and we can put a no-obligation offer in your hands in just two days.


Next Steps...

We are old fashioned in that we still love the phone. Call us to get more information on any of our services. We'd love to talk to you!