Quality Matters

I was standing in the living room, and it was immediately clear to me: This house had been flipped. After enough time, a flipped home becomes noticeable. It lacks character, because the cost-effective tricks that turn an ugly house into a sellable home are repeated again and again, and again . . .

Looking at the state of the master bathroom, I began to wonder. Was this a foreclosure purchase? Did the prior homeowner sell in a Bankruptcy action? Was this a probate sale, or just a person who couldn’t keep up the maintenance on the house being charmed by a convincing cash offer?

The thick globs of silicone along the shower floor made me wonder about the quality of the work that went into the structure, and I was glad that Phoenix Homes LLC had no part in this project.

At Phoenix Homes LLC, we take pride in our work. It’s not about turning over a property as fast as possible. If I told you we didn’t care about speed, I’d be lying, but we take the time when we hit a road block to do the work right.

I remember how shocked I was when we discovered a prior flipper’s attempt to hide a live outlet inside a wall. What a fire hazard!!

We took the time to remove the line and ensure that it was properly disconnected inside the nearest junction box. Safety is important.

When we discovered that a foundation was sinking, we opted to take the time and the extra money to secure it to bedrock. That foundation won’t ever sink again.

Quality matters, and that’s why I love Phoenix Homes LLC. Because, Phoenix Homes LLC understands: quality matters.

Phoenix Homes LLC purchases vacant and abandoned properties and reinvigorates them into the marketplace. Learn more here: Phoenix Homes LLC.

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