Turn your vacant property into cash.

We want your vacant property

Phoenix Homes, LLC, wants your vacant property. You are tired of trying to be a landlord. Tenants destroy your property and force you to make repeated repairs. Face it, you’re tired of it, and you are done.

Phoenix Homes is a Bakersfield-based investment company that turns vacant properties into cash. 2931 Q Street was a perfect example.

A success story – 2931 Q Street (93301)

Martin bought 2931 Q Street as an investment property. At the time of purchase, it was a run-down triplex, and Martin knew that it would make more money renting as a single family residence. So, he converted the structure, but the neighborhood surrounding his property declined, and the tenants became nightmares.

2931 Q Street began to sit vacant. It attracted thieves and vandals. The water heater regularly disappeared, and Martin found himself fixing up the property every month. And, no matter how much money he dumped into the wasteland, Martin could not find decent tenants to rent Q Street.

Phoenix Homes, LLC, took 2931 Q Street of Martin’s hands in 2016. We put our money into the property and fixed it up. We provided security for the property and found a buyer with poor credit but a great work history to make regular monthly payments. 2931 Q Street has been easy for us to manage, and Martin is very happy with the new arrangement. It has been over four years, and Martin has not had to worry about 2931 Q Street since the day he transferred title.

Receive regular cash payments

When you transfer your vacant property to Phoenix Homes, you will receive regular monthly payments without the headache. Once you transfer title to Phoenix Homes, we take all the worry off your hands and provide regular monthly payments based on the value of the property.

Never make repairs from vandals again

Phoenix Homes is fully liable for the property. When vandals attack, Phoenix Homes bears the expense. Our team of contractors will quickly restore the property and ensure that it is rentable. Phoenix Homes will manage the property without any stress or burden on you.

Transfer your vacant property to Phoenix Homes

If you would like to be rid of the burden, you can transfer your property to Phoenix Homes today. Call us at the number on our contact page, and talk to our experienced realtors. Discover the joy of life without a vacant property.

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